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Our Newest Splash of Color at the Bumble Playroom!

DTLA Advisors

If you've stopped by the Bumble Playroom recently, you will have noticed that we’ve had a little makeover out back.  It's our new rainbow painted fence, and it has everyone oohing and aaahing!

The Playroom's new chalk paint fence!

The Playroom's new chalk paint fence!

What makes this fence extra special you ask?  Chalk paint!

Easy to write on, and wipe off!

Easy to write on, and wipe off!


Chalk paint has allowed us to create colorful rainbow panels that add a pop of color to the Playroom and offer a creative outlet for our kids.  Your children can enthusiastically scribble on the fence with basic sidewalk chalk for easy cleanup that leaves a 'good as new' look.





Made by Hudson Paint, this product is available for purchase just down the street at our sister store, The Makery, (170 State Street Suite B).  They hold a wide selection of colors from Superboy Blue to Genius Pink Genius.  

Endless creativity... 

Endless creativity... 


So bring your child by the Bumble Playroom to try it out first hand.  With functionality and personality kids love our newest addition!