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Our Grass-Fed Beef from San Gregorio

DTLA Advisors

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Announcing a new beef purveyor for our delicious Bumble Burger! Our ground beef now comes diretly from local ranch, Markegard Family Grass-Fed.

Up in San Gregorio, near Half Moon Bay, Markegard cattle roam and graze on wild, perennial grasses that rise far taller than our conventional idea of “green pastures”. In fact, these hills aren’t just green, but all shades from sage to tan and dotted with wildflowers. Not only does the cattle’s 100% grass-fed diet make a better Bumble Burger, but the Markegard family’s grazing methods simulate wild elk herds, improving the land’s biodiversity. For these reasons and many others, we are so proud to be buying directly from our roaming neighbors!

We strive to buy only the highest quality, local and sustainable foods, from eggs to olive oil, and Markegard is no exception. It’s a lot of work to put in the research and find farms that we can work directly with, but completely worth it to see the benefits in our community, our families and our world. It’s awesome to eat something you believe in!