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145 First Street
Los Altos, CA 94022

(650) 383-5340

Monday - Sunday: 8am to 2pm



THE Playroom


We ask that the children try their best to be RESPECTFUL of the occupants and items inside of the room.

  1. The Playroom is for KIDS ONLY!

  2. There is a 1.5 hour maximum time limit

  3. Max capacity is based on the staff's discretion.

                  -Staff will not take more kids than they can handle. Maintaining a safe environment for the children is our #1 priority.
  4.  Parents must stay on site at all times as we are not a licensed daycare facility.

  5. Parents can request that servers send their child's food/drink down to the Playroom. (our staff will help kids wash their hands)

  6. Buzzers will be issued out to parents as a means of direct contact. 

                   -Parents will be buzzed for when their child needs a diaper change, guardian cuddles, etc.
  7. Payment is accepted separately from the restaurant and  can be initiated upon checking out.



  1. Parents must correctly complete our sign in process (check-in and liability release waiver) to utilize the Playroom.

  2. For health and safety reasons, please do not check sick children into the Playroom.

  3. Food allergies are very important to us! Please make our staff aware of your child's food allergies upon check-in.  We recommend that children with severe food allergies not be checked into the Playroom.

  4. It is up to staff discretion to allow outside food into the Playroom.  We kindly ask that you do not  bring food containing peanuts or other allergens into the Playroom from outside.

  5. Parents must remain on site at all times as we are not a licensed daycare facility.

  6. Our Playroom does not tolerate bullying of any kind.

  7.  Disruptive children who are causing harm to themselves or others can be asked to be checked out of the Playroom.

  8. For children's safety, the same parent must check each child in and out of the Playroom