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145 First Street
Los Altos, CA 94022

(650) 383-5340

Monday - Sunday: 8am to 2pm




Our goal is to keep the Playroom a safe and happy place for everyone!

 In an effort to do so, we kindly ask that children with cold like symptoms do not enter the Playroom.  Our staff reserve the right to kindly ask parents questions  regarding children who appear sick.  If necessary they may also request that a child refrain from checking into the Playroom or ask to see a doctor's note for confirmation of health. 

Our Playroom staff are CPR Certified and are experienced working with Children within the 1-10 year age range.

Please be aware of food allergies! Our restaurant serves various types of foods. Please take the necessary steps to educate Playroom staff about your child's specific food allergy at check in and based on volume we can decide together if it will be safe for your child to play.

We do not tolerate bullying and children who cannot follow the rules will be checked out of the Playroom.


Liability Release Waiver

Please fill out our Liability Release Waiver before your next visit!  

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*All customers will be asked to fill out our Liability Release waiver in order to check their kids into the Playroom.  

*Waivers are currently valid through 2015.